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Savings Property
Savings Booster If you would like to boost your savings and receive a fixed-rate return, typically 8-10% annually.

At the end of the agreed term, you've got various options; withdraw some or all of the investment, withdraw the interest and recycle your initial investment for the following year, or recycle the lot.

Capital Booster If you would like to invest your capital and achieve impressive rates of return. This product is directly aimed at investment amounts between £300k-£3m. Our investment strategies include Buy/Refurbish/Resell, Commercial Conversions, and Land Development projects. Capital needs to be invested for a minimum of two years.
Asset Booster If you would like to grow your property portfolio for sustained long-term results. This product means you would enter into a partnership with MIA Property through a Buy/Refurbish & Refinance model. Typically, the length of this commitment is five to seven years with the option of buying the other half of the asset or renewing the contract for a further five to seven years.

About MIA Property Need a property investment partner to increase your savings, grow your portfolio, or achieve the highest returns possible? Then look no further than MIA Property.

We are an industry leading property investment consultant with many years of hands-on experience. Our accomplished team of property experts are committed to providing you with value added services that meet your own unique requirements.

For example, we can boost your savings to receive an impressive fixed rate return annually, turn your capital into even more money, or help you expand your property portfolio for sustained long-term growth.

Our main services and investment models include:

• Property Investment Products
• Commercial Conversions
• Buy/Refurbish/Refinance
• Buy/Refurbish/Sell
• Property Management
• Land Developments

Our Vision To be recognised for being one of the leading property experts and influencers on the market through relentless great service.


Reliability & Trust



What to expect from MIA Property MIA Property is immensely proud of its bespoke service, which takes the wants and needs of each individual customer into consideration before coming up with a foolproof plan for the future. From your initial conversations with us to seeing your property empire or bank balance grow, you'll always be treated as an individual, never a number.

With our commitment to providing an unrivalled customer service, MIA Property has delivered higher returns and better results than any other comparable investment partner.

After getting in touch with MIA Property and speaking to one of the team, you'll soon realise that we live and breathe the property market. Along with benefitting from insider knowledge on the latest trends, you'll also be privy to valuable insights from top industry thought leaders.